War and Foreign Policy

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Justin Raimondo: What Trump Means

War and Foreign PolicyPolitical Theory


Political globalization and the US's current foreign policy are facing real obstacles in a Donald Trump administration.

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The CIA Has Always Been Incompetent

Taxes and SpendingWar and Foreign PolicyPolitical Theory


The CIA has always been inept, and it could not even figure out the basics of the Soviet home front during the Cold War.

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Defense Spending Must Be For Actual Defense

Taxes and SpendingWar and Foreign PolicyPolitical Theory


Does US military spending overseas actually keep us safer or does it simply keep the military-industrial complex alive and well-funded?

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Regardless of How America Votes, Americans Want a Different Foreign Policy

War and Foreign PolicyPolitical Theory


We must resist those who are preaching "interventionism-lite" and calling it a real alternative.

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Why Is It So Hard to Reduce the Pentagon Budget?

Taxes and SpendingWar and Foreign PolicyPolitical Theory


Regardless of what is actually happening in the world, one thing is certain: in the long run, the Pentagon budget will not go down.

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Mises on the Battle between Liberalism and Racism

Media and CultureWar and Foreign PolicyPhilosophy and Methodology


For Mises, racism is not just contrary to liberalism and sound economics, but to reason itself.

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Trump Is Half Right on the Military

U.S. HistoryWar and Foreign PolicyPolitical Theory


Trump claims to be more skeptical about foreign invasions. That is good. Unfortunately, he also wants to spend a lot more on the military.

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45 Years Without Gold

Money and BanksWar and Foreign PolicyGold StandardMoney and Banking

The dollar's last tie to gold was severed 45 years ago. Gold had always been an inconvenience for governments looking for more debt and spending.

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Decentralize the Military: Why We Need Independent Militias

Decentralization and SecessionThe Police StateU.S. HistoryWar and Foreign PolicyInterventionism


A "well-regulated militia," controlled by the states, was once considered essential to providing a counterweight against federal power.

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