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Alabama Is At It Again

The Police State


There's a Noel Coward dance hall song called: "Alice is at it Again". "Up the alley and down the lane, Alice is at it again." And it means just what you think it means. But here in Alabama when the state goes dizzy with power, we say: "Alabama is at it again."

And so they are. Next week...

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Price Control Chaos

The Police StateCapital and Interest TheoryInterventionism


From the Times:

Price inspectors and police, sometimes armed, descended on supermarkets in the Zimbabwean capital to enforce price controls. Their intervention followed the order issued by Mr...

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Germany: Still National Socialists

Big GovernmentEducationThe Police StateInterventionism


In Germany, 3 families face fines, frozen accounts for homeschooling their children

A German family has been subject to threats from the National Socialist government of Germany, because they're trying to homeschool their children. The...

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Foie Gras Bust

The Police State


Doug Sohn, owner of Hot Doug's, was busted on the morning of Feburary 17th for disobeying Chicago city law by continuing to offer foie gras-laced hot dogs at his...

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You know you are not a conservative when...

Big GovernmentThe Police State


The Heritage Foundation offers one of those site polls designed to keep you tooling around, and this one I thought was interesting.

Do liberals exaggerate threat to civil liberties from security measures like the Terrorist Surveillance...

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New Orleans to return stolen guns

The Police State


According to the SAF, the City of New Orleans will return the guns that were stolen by the police following Katrina. You would think that since they were *gasp* taken at gunpoint, that they would be nice and make the process as easy as...

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Police Seizing All Guns

The Police State


Let's see here. The police were helping in the post-flood looting, and now the police are grabbing guns from homeowners who are...

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