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How Environmentalism Raises Profits at the Expense of Wages

The EnvironmentProduction Theory


In my last article, "How Government Budget Deficits Reduce Wages and Raise Profits", I explained why those who complain about profits rising at the expense of wages should not blame the free market but, in part at least, the...

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You Oughta Dance With the One That Brung Ya

The EnvironmentMoney and BanksPhilosophy and Methodology


F. Scott Fitzgerald, the novelist, said the rich are different from us. His contemporary (and rival) Ernest Hemingway countered with, "Yeah, they're richer".

That's certainly true of Warren Buffett, though whether he's smarter than us or Jimmy — his margarita...

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From CO2 Science: "A 221-Year Temperature History of the Southwest Coast of Greenland"

The Environment


The following appears here

A 221-Year Temperature History of the Southwest Coast of Greenland


Reference Vinther...

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Bradley boils it down

The EnvironmentPolitical Theory


A very nice oped in the Houston Chroncle, by Robert Bradley, concerning the global warming question. I'm glad he is fighting this fight. I thought that this issue would have died long ago, but It seems like...

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Thanks FEMA

The Environment


I'm sitting here in the sweltering heat, wondering why the air conditioner at the Mises Institute is not being fixed after a full week of waiting. I again called the company that services them. He reports that all air conditioning parts and units of this size are extremely hard to come by...

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Looking for clarity on global warming

The EnvironmentCalculation and Knowledge


Reading the thread on global warming below, I see a common mistake that pops up in a lot of arguments at the intersection of science and policy. With all due respect to the participants in the thread, they are largely talking past one another. This often happens in arguments over global warming...

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They Still Don't Know What They're Doing, But They Want to Do It at the Point of a Gun

The EnvironmentPhilosophy and MethodologyPolitical Theory


Here's a message from an environmentalist who hides under the name "Tokyo Tom." He says it comes "off of the web page of the world-renowned Wood`s Hole Oceanographic Institute":

[W]orld leaders may be planning for climate scenarios of global warming that...

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Different Flag, Different Lyrics, But the Same Old Tune

The EnvironmentPolitical Theory


The flag is Green now, instead of Red. And the lyrics are different. But the tune is still the same old tune.

When the Reds sang it, the lyrics were that the individual could not be left free because the result would be such things as "exploitation," "monopoly," and...

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Collectivism, Climate Change, and Economic Freedom

The EnvironmentPhilosophy and MethodologyPolitical Theory


An individual kills someone—for money, out of jealousy, as an act of revenge, or because he doesn't like his victim's looks. A chorus of left-"liberals" rushes in to excuse his act, especially if he is poor. He is not responsible, they say. The real criminal is "...

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