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Johnson and Weld are Republicans Flying the Libertarian Banner

Big GovernmentStrategy


Dr. Mark Thornton was interviewed by The Daily Caller about the political positions off Libertarian Gary Johnson's 2016 presidential campaign.

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Discrimination Against Discrimination: Why We Don’t Need Anti-Discrimination Laws

Big GovernmentLegal SystemInterventionism


Allow discrimination for anybody for any reason so that those who discriminate for the "wrong" reasons are naturally removed from the market.

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The Week in Review: July 23, 2016

Big GovernmentThe EntrepreneurMedia and CultureStrategyPolitical Theory


As expected, this week's political convention failed to offer any real solutions to the problems we face.


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The Consequences of Militarized Police Forces

Big GovernmentU.S. HistoryPrivate Property


When police are trained to regard the citizens as military opponents, bad things happen.

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Clinton and Trump Embody Plunder and Paternalism

Big GovernmentPolitical Theory


Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump represent variations of the same political theme.

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Put Your Hope In Radical Decentralization

Big GovernmentStrategyWorld HistoryPolitical Theory


Do not put your trust in democracy, but neither should you trust in a dictatorship. Rather, put your hope into radical political decentralization.

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Ireland’s Bogus 26% GDP Boost

Big GovernmentTaxes and Spending


National income statistics are becoming meaningless, not because of globalization, tax avoidance, or technology, but by their exultation by economists.

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How Government Ruins 4th of July Travel

Big Government


If we were to claim independence from the modern-day royalty of the beltway, the markets will ensure better holidays in the future.

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The EU Is About Control, Not Free Trade

Big GovernmentGlobal Economy


Politicians like Juncker and Merkel speak of the EU as if it were a marriage or a family, to which one is bound by some transcendental duty.

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