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Mark Brandly is a professor of economics at Ferris State University and an Associated Scholar of the Mises Institute.

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Federal Deficits Are Worse than You Think

The FedU.S. Economy


In order to confuse matters, much of the true debt incurred by the federal government each year is simply declared to not be part of the deficit.

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Capital Flows and Ricardo's Law

Global EconomyMoney and BanksMoney and BankingValue and Exchange

Ricardo's law of comparative advantage is only part of the story when it comes to understanding the benefits of free trade.
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Including the Ocean Floor, the Feds Own Much More Land than You Think

U.S. HistoryPricesValue and Exchange

03/17/2016Mises Wire
The US government owns immense amounts of dry land, but the US government also owns far larger amounts of ocean floor. Government ownership of such immense amounts of natural resources causes substantial distortions to prices and markets.
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A Conversation with my Neighbor "Sam"

Taxes and SpendingU.S. EconomyU.S. History

03/03/2016Mises Wire
My neighbor Sam is deeply in debt. But, he tells me that he owes all that money "to himself," so he thinks it's not a problem. I think he's in deeper trouble than he thinks.
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