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Gregory M. Dempster

Works Published inQuarterly Journal of Austrian Economics

Gregory Dempster is Elliott Professor of Economics and Business at Hampden-Sydney College.

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Monetary Reform from a Comparative-Theoretical Perspective

Money and BanksMoney and Banking

07/30/2014Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics
Comparative analysis, however, could reveal some broader principles by which reform proposals may be evaluated. This exercise might prove to be more valuable than arguments over which theoretical perspective


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Uncertainty in Economic Thought edited by Christian Schmidt

Philosophy and Methodology

07/30/2014Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics
In this article, we will attempt to demonstrate that the Austrian method of dealing with both theory and history is informed by its perspective on uncertainty as the core concept uniting the various characterizations of Austrian thought.


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Review of Economic Organization and Economic Knowledge: Essays in Honor of Brian J. Loasby, edited by Sheila C. Dow and Peter E. Earl

Philosophy and MethodologyProduction Theory

07/30/2014Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics
It is a rare individual who is able to draw from many disparate traditions in economic thought and combine these into a coherent research program.


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Neoclassical Microeconomic Theory: The Founding Austrian Version, by A.M. Endres

History of the Austrian School of Economics

07/30/2014Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics
Endres has done an adequate job of high lighting elements of distinctiveness and similarity among the founding Austrians (Menger, Wieser, and Böhm-Bawerk) which go beyond the cut-and-dried methodological issues emphasized by later Austrians.


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