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07/25/2015Mises Institute

Imagine learning more about economics in one short day than most people do in a lifetime. Imagine understanding how to demolish common economic myths that many professional economists still believe after years of education. Imagine finally having a framework to confidently analyze the economic issues of our time, rather than feeling overwhelmed by statist arguments.

Featuring Jonathan NewmanMalavika NairRyan McMakenTimothy D. TerrellLucas M. Engelhardt, and Robert P. Murphy.

Mises Boot Camp is designed to help you do just that, without textbooks, prerequisites, or weeks of boring classes. And you don’t need to leave your house!

Boot Camp is a one-day seminar for anyone seeking to learn the fundamentals of the Austrian school, whether you haven’t taken a single economics class or just want to fill gaps in your current knowledge.  

In just six short sessions, you will begin thinking about economics in a whole new way:

  • Individual methodology and the logic of human action
  • The origins of money
  • Capital and interest
  • Time preference
  • Business cycles and the role of banks
  • The impossibility of socialist calculation
  • Where Keynes, monetarists, and supply-siders went wrong
  • Why Menger, Mises, and Rothbard matter

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Boot Camp is a must for anyone — at any age — who wants to better understand how the Austrian school can save us from economically illiterate politicians, destructive central bankers, and a gullible mainstream media. Empower yourself by learning the basic fundamentals of Austrian economics.

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