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Mark Thornton is Senior Fellow at the Mises Institute. He serves as the Book Review Editor of the Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics. His publications include The Economics of Prohibition (1991), Tariffs, Blockades, and Inflation: The Economics of the Civil War (2004), The Quotable Mises (2005), The Bastiat Collection (2007), An Essay on Economic Theory (2010), The Bastiat Reader (2014), and The Skyscraper Curse and How Austrian Economists Predicted Every Major Crisis of the Last Century (2018).

Dr. Thornton served as the editor of the Austrian Economics Newsletter and was a member of the Editorial Board of the Journal of Libertarian Studies and several other academic journals. He has served as a member of the graduate faculties of Auburn University and Columbus State University. He has also taught economics at Auburn University at Montgomery and Trinity University in Texas. Mark served as Assistant Superintendent of Banking and economic adviser to Governor Fob James of Alabama (1997-1999), and he was awarded the University Research Award at Columbus State University in 2002. He is a graduate of St. Bonaventure University and received his PhD in economics from Auburn University. In 2014, he debated in opposition to the "War on Drugs" at Oxford Union.

Dr. Thornton has been featured in American Spectator, Barron's, Bloomberg, Christian Science Monitor, The Economist, Forbes, Investors' Business Daily, Le Monde, New York Times, USA Today, Wall Street Journal, Economic Times (India), Financial Times (Norway), and Tejarat-e-Farda (Iran). He has also had multiple appearances on Russia Today and Press TV

His editorials have appeared in the following leading regional newspapers: Atlanta Constitution, Birmingham News, Business Alabama, Chicago Sun-Times, Houston Chronicle, Mobile Press Register, Minneapolis-St. Paul Star Tribune, Montgomery Advertiser, Orange County Register, Richmond Times Dispatch, Tampa Tribune, and the Washington Times

His commentary appears regularly in the Mises Daily and the Mises Wire. He also appears regularly on "Boom-Bust," "RT," "Butler on Business," "Tom Woods Show," "Thom Hartmann Show," "Scott Horton Show," "Press TV and "Freedom Works."

The Economics of Prohibition

SaludEl Estado Policial

It is conventional wisdom that alcohol prohibition failed, but the economic reasons for this failure have never been as extensively detailed or analyzed as they are in this study by Mark Thornton.
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Una historia rápida de la humanidad y la distribución del ingreso

Si todos viviéramos como hombres de las cavernas, no tendríamos ninguna desigualdad. Pero eso no es exactamente algo a lo que aspirar.
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Mark Thornton se une a Glenn Beck para hablar de The Skyscraper Curse

01/10/2019Power & Market
El Dr. Mark Thornton se unió a Glenn Beck para una entrevista sobre cómo los economistas austriacos han predicho cada crisis importante del siglo pasado. Les mer på Mises Wire

La "opinión" de The Atlantic en economía convencional y conductual

12/14/2018Power & Market

¿La revista se pone del lado de la economía convencional o de la conductual?"the>

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Récord europeo de rascacielos

11/20/2018Power & Market

Nuevo rascacielos récord de Europa prepara el escenario para la crisis económica.

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¡Victorias del cannabis!

Gran GobiernoSaludEl Estado PolicialIntervencionismo

Hubo tres victorias importantes relacionadas con el cannabis, es decir, la marihuana, la legalización y solo la medida más radical fracasó.
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