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Polish Man Discovers Life Better After Communism

World HistoryOther Schools of Thought


USA Today reports on Jan Grzebska, a polish worker who awakened from a 19-year coma. When he suffered a head injury, Poland was communist. Now, according to his wife, "He was so amazed to see the colorful streets, the goods...

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Bloggers Union?

Taxes and SpendingOther Schools of ThoughtPolitical Theory


Some left-leaning bloggers want to form one in order to "receive health insurance, conduct collective bargaining or even set professional standards."

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Oh how brave they are to love the state

Other Schools of ThoughtPolitical Theory


Many people have sent us this article from the NYT, one that recounts how a small but exceedingly brave group of heterodox economists have dared question the free-market orthodoxy of the profession. It's the same version...

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How to Whitewash Aggression

Other Schools of ThoughtPolitical Theory


If you are collecting them, here are two amusing pro-socialism pieces of propaganda: - Pyramid of the Capitalist System - Utopia in North Korea

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Neoclassical Economics = Marxism?

Other Schools of ThoughtPhilosophy and MethodologyPolitical Theory


I had a enlightening exchange with an international economics professor recently about Marxist dogmas inserted into neoclassical economics. At least, her brand of them.

We had debated several times before in class to no effect. This professor has apparently never familiarized herself with...

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Oh, Communists, how we love you!

World HistoryOther Schools of ThoughtPolitical Theory


The New York Times reports on the thrilling, spectacular, amazing, happy happy news that the Communist Party USA has donated its complete archives to New York University. What a treasure trove...

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Tyler's Paradox

Media and CultureOther Schools of ThoughtPhilosophy and MethodologyPolitical Theory


Tyler Cowen has written a provocative essay: The Paradox of Libertarianism. According to Tyler, the pursuit of libertarian ideals has led to the unintended consequence of expanding government. The...

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Hoppean Anarcho-Capitalism in Slate

Austrian Economics OverviewOther Schools of Thought


Timothy Noah's Would You Privatize Defense?The case for socialized medicine, Part 1, in the March 6, 2007 Slate unwittingly shows the danger of minarchism and the idea of public goods. Once you accept the notion that the...

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Is Economics an Apologia for Capitalism?

Other Schools of ThoughtPhilosophy and Methodology


Michael Perelman argues that economics is not an objective science, but an ideology, an apologia for capitalism promoted by the mercantile classes and...

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More on Pinochet and Marxism: The Necessity of Evil Means to Achieve Socialism

Other Schools of ThoughtPhilosophy and MethodologyPolitical Theory


Some of the responses to my post on General Pinochet have reminded me that along with the fable of Santa Claus and his reindeer, which is so prominent right now because it is the Christmas Season, there is another fable that is still going...

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